Pioneer Fit Training & Healthy Living Book Series

The Pioneer Fit program is developing an online training and book series based on healthy living through fitness and nutrition. We strongly believe that our bodies are constantly changing and adapting to our surroundings, our lifestyle, health concerns, and all the things that make us strong or weak. We don’t believe in taking a dogmatic approach to health like so many.

When we look at the current state of health in the world, obesity and health issues are at an all time high. We are in an epidemic. To counter that epidemic however, all that has been done is create a new epidemic of choosing one diet and one way of training instead of a varied approach. If we are constantly changing, so should our diet, so should our training methods. We are about balance here at Pioneer Fit. If you have a goal and a need, rightly so, that should be your focus. But what about six months from now when you complete your goal? More often than not, your body is ready to move on and in need of a new set of training methods, or a new way of eating to focus on those goals.

Our book series focuses on just that, how to live a healthy life with your current circumstances and improve your life. As fitness professionals, we have a great opportunity to be part of a network filled with experts in nutrition, diet, and health concerns. The Pioneer Fit series is meant to take that research and help you to improve upon it through fitness plans. Also, while diet is a major part of fitness, we use our years of expertise in the cooking industry to help you make eating nutritious meals fun and enjoyable.

New Books Coming Soon…

Pioneer Fit Body

Pioneer Fit – Healthy Living with PCOS

Pioneer Fit – Build Your 6 Pack in the Kitchen

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