How to write copy that sells

Are you interested in learning the fundamentals of how to sell without appearing to look like a salesperson? Then this book from Ray Edwards may be for you.

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Often times when it comes to business you are either good at your craft or good at selling a craft.

Rarely do people have the ability to transition between both worlds.

Just think of the many in the past who have possibly had brilliant ideas but were unsuccessful due to a lack of know how when it comes to marketing. You may be one of them.

I myself have many passions in life. These, however, often involve the physically involved part of the work. I hate selling myself and I hate endorsing things I don’t believe in.

However, when it comes to good business, being able to sell is fundamental to success.

While books about marketing or business flood the market, there is a few good reasons why this book is still worth buying.

Key Takeaways

First off, the book is short. Roughly 186 pages, it is an easy one sitting read.

For a book to be so short on such a broad subject though, you may wonder if you can really gain all that much.

Reason why I think not to worry is that this book while short cuts out all of the fluff and gets straight to the meat.

The chapters dive right in to each step and methodically help you plan out each stage of your marketing strategy.

Key points I got out of it:

  • You need to connect to your audience through a story
  • At the heart of good business is honesty
  • Show them why what you have to offer is the solution they are looking for
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale
  • Every ad has a structure

Those are all very valid points and often where people struggle in marketing.

Once you draw people into an ad, they need to connect with you. Give them a reason too. Is there a story you can share about yourself that people can relate too.

Not everyone will but those who do relate are more likely to want to hear the solution you found and try it themselves.

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The second bullet point should be a no-brainer. Be honest in your business practices. If you are in business to screw people over, you should not be in business.

The third point is where you really get the sale. After the story has been introduced, you have an honest story about yourself or someone close to you, give them the reason to buy this product.

The market is often flooded with a similar or even the same product, this is the time to make them know why yours is the best.

Fourth point is something so many have a hard time with, asking for the sale.

You may already have the sale. The one viewing your ad might be ready to buy but sometimes that little step is so vital.

Don’t assume that they will just go ahead and buy. That final buy now might be the little push they need.

Lastly, understand that structure remains the same, the story only has slight changes.

People often complain that music always has the same sound or you never see original movies anymore.

Ask any professional book writer, composer, or film maker, they all follow the same structure because it works. Certain things just work and certain things don’t.

People try to change the structure all the time, you just never heard of them because nobody bought it. Structure is key.

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Final Thoughts

This book is a great read if you are new to digital marketing or if you are struggling with that aspect of business.

It does fail to go into a lot of detail in any section. There are other books for that if you wish to dive deeper.

However, this book is like the backbone to any of your marketing efforts. It provides enough to help you hit the ground running.

With its small size too, it is an easy book to keep on hand by your desk for any time you need to refresh before writing copy.


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